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July 24, 2018-YTN TV-Nationwide maximum peak demand was renewed once again…Reservation rate was around 7% - 10:00 PM News
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Due to everyday scorching hot weather, national peak demand is renewed once again after yesterday. The reservation rate dropped to around 7% beyond load forecasting of Korean government.


The load forecastingof government yesterday was wrong again, which was predicted to similar to the day before yesterday. Once again it happened new record. The maximum peak demand was 92,480MW on 5:00 PM, which was higher than yesterday to 1,700MW. And the reservation rate dropped to 7.7%. It was the first time since last two years. It was 7.1% on August 2016. However the reservation capacity was still secure up to 7,090MW. It was due to an increase of supply capacity by reoperation of Hanul Nuclear #4 unit.

Power Authority considered the order of mandatory load reduction with customer compensation, but not yet due to side-effect, which it is because it may cause a considerable burden to industrial customers to hard work before coming summer holiday.

It is expected that a recent record heat wave can renew the maximum peak demand once again. This raise concerns to nationwide power balance between supply and demand.