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Xelpower advances to the world market by linking the digital power technology with the advanced PLC communication technology.

Xelpower is preparing for delivering new products in the fields of automatic power distribution, general protection systems for a substation, and power quality management systems.
Xelpower is also promoting practical use of information and communications by cheap and efficient high-speed power lines by linking the power line communication technology with the digital power system and energy management system.
Xelpower will serve as a leader in the world market in 21C with the most advanced and world-best technology.

Xelpower divides business sectors into three fields and goes ahead to grow into a power information and communication company of the 21st century.

Digital Power Management Field
Power management by digital systems has now come true.
The Digital Protective Relay for transmission lines first developed by Xelpower is the advanced system to protect a service drop in power line, the national key facility, and enhance stabilization and reliability by separating a failed section from normal sections in an emergency.
In the world market exclusively occupied by multinational companies, Xelpower is going to penetrate the market with the advanced technology and the most outstanding price-competitive power.

- Digital Protective Relay for EHV Transmission Line
- Over-current Relay
- Line Fault Locator
- Digital Motor Control Center

On-line Energy Management System
This system is operated by on-line connection of the power management center of a power company to the individual consumer's demand controller.
This system controls load by means of the predetermined scenario by the power management center for expected summer peak times or for unstable supply and demand.
This has already been employed by large American and Japanese power companies, and its full-scale business is scheduled to promote with the energy effectiveness policy in Korea.

- Online Direct Load Controller
- Demand Controller

Power Line Communications
Dream technology, the Power Line Communication (PLC), is realized by XELPOWER.
XELPOWER is promoting in Korea and other countries the PLC-based automatic meter reading (AMR) reducing the expenses for manual meter reading system by transmitting the metering data to the remote monitoring center through the internet network (PLC internet), using the power line communication of low voltage.
XELPOWER is also developing the high-speed power line communication system using the transmission line of 22.9 kV as a backbone communication network for the project of the governmental policy.
Thereby the internet backbone network is supplied by low prices to the countries that do not have enough optical fiber cables.

- Automatic Meter Reading
- MV(Medium Voltage) PLC
- HV(High Voltage) PLC


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