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Products - Digital Distance Relay

 Power System 
1     Digital Distance Relay for Protecting EHV transmission Line
2     Digital Current Differential Relay for Protecting EHV transmission Line
3     Overcurrent Relay
4     Compact Digital Line Fault Locator (LFL-200)
5     Digital Motor Control Center(DMCC)
6     Digital Electricity Meter

 Digital Distance Relay for Protecting EHV transmission Line
Product Overview
Digital protection relay keeps power system safe from various faults and free from mal-operating tripping.

- Compact, flexible, and easy to install and use
- Use of multiple micro processor to provide comprehensive high-performance protection and control within one cycle operation
- Advanced human-machine interface with graphic LCD and simple operation keys
- Powerful fault recording, metering and accurate fault location function
- Supervising, auto-reclosing
- Continuous monitoring and automatic testing

KYD2X1(Distance Relay)
- Time-step distance protection
- Carrier directional comparison relaying system
- Earth return and mutual coupling compensation
- Weak in feed protection
- PT failure detection
- Power swing blocking, fault current reversal, heavy load current detection



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