Energy Management System

What is X-EMS ?

X-EMS is a smart Energy Management System system by demand control and demand management on lights and electrical facility loads in buildings, factories and commercial customers.

The goals of EMS are ;
  • Minimization of maintenance cost by effective management of building and factories
  • Utilities want to aggregate loads for DLC/RDRS program, because this will cope with rapidly increasing power demand economically and quickly.
  • Maintaining of comfort environment.
EMS is a sophisticated technology to monitor and control the energy demands. Hundreds of vendors offers so called intelligent EMS to minimize energy usage and to reduce energy costs. Unfortunately the user can not feel their effectiveness and benefits.

Smart EMS Solution, X-EMS

The major loads in the building are heating, ventilation, air conditioning(HVAC) and lighting. Our solution, X-EMS is focusing to most conventional old buildings and available to resolve these problems. Users no longer need to keep imagining! You find our solution actually deliver the energy efficiency levels.

X-EMS offers much more than a typical EMS. X-EMS is a fully integrated solution that can be customized to provide optimal control and management. It has a high level of flexibility so it can be configured to meet a wide range of applications. You can find it can provide fast, reliable engineering and on-site commissioning, saving time and money.

Advantages of X-EMS

  • Data collection by sensor network and IoT in real time
  • Support Customized service system based on ON/OFF + dimming control and stand-alone type RF sensor
  • Operating ON/OFF and dimming control by sensing of movement condition
  • Remote diagnostic of faulty controller and sensor
  • Remote control of the system without customer service agent
  • Operation with Smart Phone and PC in ANYWHERE, in ANYTIME