Renewable Energy

Xelpower Solution

1MW Modular Power Plant Biomass Gasification Process
1 MW Power Plant Process, Biomass Gasification Type
1 MW Type Modularization by Convergence with Biomass Power Plant and Shipbuilding Technology
1 MW Power Plant Process, Biomass Gasification Type
Comparison between STG and Gasification Type
Business record in Korea
Description Existing
STG (Steam Turbine Generation) Type
Gasification Type
Capacity Big capacity Small capacity
Engine Steam Turbine Gas Engine
Pressure & Temperature High pressure & high temperature Low pressure & low temperature
Burning Direct burning Not direct burning
Pollution treatment system Necessary Not necessary
Air pollution Severe No
Polluted Water by cooling Large Small (Indirect cooling)
Cooling water spot Big size Small size
Modular design Impossible (just a bulk) Possible (Our base module : 1MW)
Maintenance and Overhaul Whole system overhaul Module type overhaul
Availability 87% (330 days annually) 100% (365 days annually)
Delivery after P/O 18 – 24 months 7 months
Price Expensive Cheap
Economically Effective Capacity Higher than 20MW Less than 10MW
Maker in the world Most of Big Engine Makers
(small size makers : India & China)
Xelpower Competitiveness Good Very Good